By the international road, heading towards Jama’s border crossing (Argentine border) we’ll stop at Aguadas de Quipiacos, a wetland of great importance which is home to different species of birds and animals. Then, we’ll continue until we reach the Monjes del Apacana. These are towering rock formations protruding from the ground like sculptures carved by the wind. Farther ahead, after a 38 km cross-country tour, we’ll find some formidable cliffs of great height known as “Las Catedrales”. From there it can be seen Tara’s salt flat in all its magnificence and touching beauty, a place where we’ll have the opportunity to talk about its history and importance for the existing biodiversity. After enjoying a nice picnic, we’ll travel back to San Pedro de Atacama.


includes snack / no entries

minimum 2 people


  • Excursion:                                    Monjes del Apacana and Tara’s salt flat

  • Distance:                                      298 km / 185,2 miles  

  • Hours:                                           08:30 A.M.                           

  • Estimated duration:                  9 hours

  • Departure and arrival place:  Hotel at San Pedro de Atacama

  • Average altitude:                      4300 meters /14108 feet above sea level

  • The tour includes:                     Aguada de Quipiaco, Monjes del Apacana and Tara’s salt flat.

  • Recommendations:                  Carry mineral water, sunscreen, sunglasses, windbreaker jacket, cap or hat, appropriate shoes for natural ground walking.