This is a trek full of several emotions, which we start observing the typical flora at the place of Guatín, where two rivers meet, Puripica and Puritama, both as one form the Vilama River. This is a high relevance place due to its large amount of Cactus “Cardón” which, together with other species of cactus, share the same ideal habitat that protects them from the electrical storms which have destroyed the species. This is considered as a trek of medium difficulty. It can be done by any person who likes to walk, with the help of the guide t can be done without any risk.


includes snack 





  • Excursion:                                  Cardones’s Brook trekking

  • Hour:                                              09:00 A.M. - 15:30 P.M. 

  • Distance:                                    40 km / 24,9 miles                                         

  • Estimated duration:                  4 hours

  • Departure and arrival place:  Hotel at San Pedro de Atacama

  • Average altitude:                      3000 meters / 9843 feet above sea level

  • The tour includes:                    Observation of typical flora at Guatín’s Ayllu and trekking through Cardones’ Brook.

  • Recommendations:                  Carry mineral water, sunscreen, sunglasses, windbreaker jacket, cap or hat, appropriate shoes for natural ground walking.