Since many centuries ago before the arrival of the Spaniards, in the last American settlement, existed a lot of wise observers of the universe, they interpreted the night sky objects, in every black space, they observed figures, which gave them information about their every day life, such as: Animals, water, rivers, timetable and many other things, like the life after death and the continuation of their journeys which will become into a star at the sky.


In this ethno astronomical-tour we want to share and help to comprehend the Andean night sky, which is still interpreted by the “Lickan antay” or Atacameños.


This way, we will know the name and significated of every constellation at the sky, we will talk about the river, which is represented by the milky way, and the importance for the “Lickan Antay” about their special day “the dead´s day” this long journey after death.

Also to know more about their religiosity culture and the most important thing, the respect to their “beliefs”.






The experience of astronomical tour will be divided in three parts. The first one corresponds to observation of the objects which at that moment are present at the night sky, with our equipment we will provide you detailed information about what you are observing, such as: distances of the planets, dimensions and temperatures. The estimated time of the first part of observation is 50 minutes approximately.

The second part you will enjoy a coffee break, to relax  and share with the people a nice moment. Estimated time 20 minutes.

The third part you will be able to observe the sky by using a laser which will help us to show the greek and Andean cosmo vision. Estimated time 50 minutes.

This astronomical excursion will be made by a bilingual guide (English Spanish), and every group will be divided, to have both visions of the night sky separately.

We conclude every presentation with a nice cup of coffee in our facilities, located in the Ayllu of Coyo served by our staff.



Depending of the weather conditions and positions of some stars at the night sky, it might change the order of the first and third part of the observation.


minimum 2 people





  • Starting time :                        21:00 Hrs.

  • Finishing time:                       22:45 Hrs.

  • Approx. length :                    1,45 Hrs.

  • Departure :                            San pedro de Atacama square.

  • Arrival:                                   At hotel, and San pedro the Atacamama square

  • Recommendations:             Comfortable and warm clothing.

  • Includes:                                 Cofee Break.




  • Starting time                          22:45 Hrs.

  • Finishing time:                       24:45 Hrs.

  • Approximate Duration:        2 Hrs.

  • Exit:                                         San pedro de Atacama square.

  • Arrival:                                    At hotel, and San pedro the Atacama.

  • Recommendations:              Comfortable and warm clothing.

  • Includes:                                 Cofee Break.