Penetrating to the south east of San Pedro de Atacama we travel to the beautiful lagoons Miñiques and Miscanti which, along with surrounding mountains and volcanos, created a breathtaking landscape. We stop in this wonderful area for a short walk to appreciate the magnificent wildlife that inhabits it, specially composed by many species of birds; from here we take the path to Socaire where we´d discover its streets and cooking by a delicious lunch at a typical local restaurant. Thus, we return our trip to San Pedro de Atacama visiting the Laguna Chaxa located in the Salar de Atacama and inhabited by a diverse and interesting wildlife, within which we can see three different types of flamingo, among other various species. Finished our tour we stop at the village of Toconao where we can learn and appreciate the history, culture, handcrafts and architecture typical of this town located in the heart of the desert.

includes lunch / no entries

minimum 2 people

  • Excursion:                                     Altiplanic lagoons and Atacama’s salt flat

  • Hour:                                              08:30 A.M.          

  • Distance:                                      320 km / 199 miles

  • Estimated duration:                  9 hours

  • Departure and arrival place:  Hotel at San Pedro de Atacama

  • Average altitude:                       4200 meters / 13780 feet above sea level

  • The tour includes:                      Miscanti-Miñiques lagoons, Chaxa lagoonat Atacama’s salt flat, Toconao y Socaire village.

  • Recommendations:                   Carry mineral water, sunscreen, sunglasses, windbreaker jacket, cap or hat, appropriate shoes for natural ground walking.